About Us
Shanghai DaYu Light Source Co., Ltd is a high & new tech. enterprise. The company focus on the design, manufacture and sales of light sources applied in laser pump. Experts on light sources such as Cai Zuquan, Wang Shiming, Chen Dahua used to come and share their expertise. This helps us develop the patented products such as pulsed Xe lamps, cosmetic Xe lamps, continuous Kr lamps, laser lenses and so on. Our products are widely used in laser welding machines, laser inner carvers, laser cutting machines, laser marking machines and laser cosmetic equipment etc. Now our chairman Wang Chaoshun is working with colleagues and experts on product research, development and renovation, on conquering new technologies like high temperature sealed lamp and mercury-free UV lamp. We are making efforts for advancement and keeping the first class position in the professional industry all the time. The products are sold to international market and enjoy high reputation in our customers.

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